Sunday, 16 August 2009

the new c3p0'clock print i'm working on, this one is on glossy paper stock and has variagated gold effect leaf.
I saw the BRONSON film recently , very good, and i couldn't help but feel sad.

a skull pic

Sunday, 9 August 2009

reach for happiness

reach for happiness


bit of an obvious joke, but a nice little sketch from a year or so ago...


a future ipod type robot... i like this picture and i'm not sure why?


i'm still considering doing a small run of these, basically its a fitting end to the series. crime doesn't pay and r2 is doing a spot of clean up!

sketch pad!

my first scan from an old old sketch book, notice 'zippy' from raindow !

brand new blog...

a place for me to shove photos and scans of drawings and random bits of info !


oh yeah,
if your not already, i suggest listening to some 'dubstep', make sure you have good speakers/headphones with a decent bass range.